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Date: Sat Feb 24 2007 - 16:52:05 EST

This is interesting.

Today while I was in the car, I was listening to the NPR radio show "Wait,
Wait, Dont tell me." One of the the guests was Neil DeGrasse Tyson the
author of "Death by Black Hole"

He made some comments about this asteroid. Apparently it is going to make
two close passes, one about 10 years before 2036, and with that pass they
will be able to me more precise about whether or not it will impact the
Earth in 2036, and if so, they will have a pretty close guess to where it
will impact. He said that if it landed in the Pacific it would cause about
a Trillion dollars in damage, but not much loss of life, since we will know
exactly when it will happen, and where, way ahead of time, so only loss of

He also said that the most likely means to avoid the catastrophy would be to
try to divert the asteroid away from its trajectory, and that people are
currently working on this.

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> Did you heard about this story?
>> If the asteroid Apophis hits Earth in 2036, it could slam into the
>> Pacific Ocean, generating a tsunami that could devastate the west coast
>> of North America
> Since I heard this story, I cannot find a satisfying theological answer to
> this eventual disaster. I think that many people will throw this
> catastrophe against the belief in God. How to deal with those people? I
> still asking to myself this question...
> Blessings,
> Johan
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