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Glenn has made some good points on this. In answer to your question below,
it's important to remember that the God who is the creator & sustainer of
all things is also the God willing to die on a cross for the sake of the
world. That puts the question of our suffering, or potential suffering, in
a different light.

In his book _On Being a Theologian of the Cross_, the late Lutheran
theologian Gerhard Forde made a good point about theodicy. He noted that
the construction of theodicies is a modern project. In the 14th century,
when 1/3 the population of Europe was dying of plague, people weren't
writing books about "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People." Forde suggests
that it's when we began to get more control of our environment with the
beginnings of modern science & technology, & started to think that we could
manage the world pretty well that we started to ask why God couldn't do a
better job of it.

& BTW, the author of the book to which Burgy referred, _Your God is too
Small_, is J.B. Phillips.

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> Thank you Glenn for your answer. You made helpfully points about the evil
> and the suffering of this world. I must add something on my original
> question: How to harmonize the possibility of such catastrophic event with
> the idea of God the Creator and the sustainer of all things? Which
> cosmology should we adopt?
> Blessings,
> Johan
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