Re: [asa] Asteroid Apophis

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Date: Sat Feb 24 2007 - 16:40:20 EST

Quoting Johan Jammart <>:

>How to harmonize the possibility of such catastrophic
> event with the idea of God the Creator and the sustainer of all things?
> Which cosmology should we adopt?

Isn't that difficulty already with us to varying degrees? A volcano or a
tsunami wipes out a city -- does our cosmology or theology then need an
overhaul? If your family lived in that city, you may think so. As far as
you're concerned when you're the one in the situation, an asteroid might as
well be hitting the earth. Same disaster, different magnitude. Where would
anyone place this proposed 'Dedekindian' cut that declares: "here" is the
special magnitude beyond which we will call God to account if anything worse

Some good answers have already been given. Regarding whether God would be
breaking his covenant with Noah, flood waters would be a major (but not the
only) aspect of the disaster. And the covenant is specifically that "all
flesh" will never again be destroyed. He didn't promise that none of it would


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