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From: Roger G. Olson <>
Date: Fri Feb 23 2007 - 22:34:31 EST


Very good points! I am guilty and embarrassed of the kind of behavior
you've indicated. My engagements with YEC and anti-evolutionists on the
web have been from the standpoint of science not theology. I do respect
those who attempt to integrate theology with the science, including
Glennn, George Murphy, Dick Fischer, et. al. IMO, theological engagement
is a lot more difficult and ticklish than a discussion of empirical
scientific data. When we argue against the YEC/anti-evolution person via
science we also effectively yank out the theological rug from under their
feet, and if nothing is offered in return, personal belief disaster can

I'm so glad you've crossed this *pons asinorum* without succumbing to
atheism. This is a personal issue with me in that my son has recently
declared his loss of faith, and I'm feel stymied in any attempt to bring
him back. Theology is indeed more complicated than science, since the
latter makes it quite clear that the cosmos and Earth are billions of
years old and the biosphere has changed over time. Convincing someone
that the Judeo-Christian God was responsible for this creation via some
"obvious" interpretation of the Genesis storie(s) is a much more ponderous

And, Glenn, I do respect your attempts at reconciling science and theology
from more than the abstract aspect. For the record, I don't agree with
some of your views, but I do truly respect them.

God's Peace,


> I won't be here long, but this is the best place to get a question
> answered.
> Many of you know that over the past 10 years, I have struggled with
> whether
> or not to become an atheist. I now am totally past that point having come
> out of the struggle with some really great arguments against atheism,
> which
> I have used on the internet successfully. But, in all this, I have
> thought
> about a YEC complaint against us TE's. And that is what my question is
> about.
> 1. Why is it that I so rarely see theistic evolutionists directly
> confronting atheists on the internet when they dis our religion?
> 2. Has anyone engaged in a direct internet debate on a forum against
> atheism
> or against an atheist? (if so, where is it?)
> 3. are we really, as my friend Wil Provine suggests, merely practical
> atheists? (a people whose religion makes no real difference to the
> intellectual climate of society?)
> 3a alternatively, are we merely the lapdogs of the atheists, who use us,
> as
> Phil Johnson suggests, but who don't respect us (I guess are we a one
> night
> stand for the atheists pleasure?)
> I will not debate, I am interested in the responses.
> glenn
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