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Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 19:38:03 EST
Hi Iain, you wrote:

>>Interesting take.  So the MT is garbage, right?<<

No, if your information is flawed your conclusions are flawed.  Plus, what does it signify?  If there is a pattern in the numbers, therefore they were all manipulated?  If there is a pattern in the numbers therefore they must be true?  If there is a pattern in the numbers therefore we have proof that God himself dictated the numbers?  In other words, tell me what a pattern proves and why.

Here's what I know about numbers games.  Say you had a sporting event and the stadium seated 100,000 patrons.  Let's say that the tickets were mailed out all over the world and that at game time all filed through a gate.  When the tickets are collected the numbers on the tickets are read into a computer in the order that the fans filed through the gate.  The number sequence turns out to be 1 to 100,000 in perfect numerical sequence.  What are the odds?  What's your conclusion?  Manipulation?  A miracle?

Now let's say the number sequence appears to be random in accordance with what we would expect and the computer records that particular sequence.  Whatever the sequence of numbers turned out to be, the odds are just as great that that particular sequence would occur as the afore mentioned 1 to 100,000.  Except that now you aren't thinking it was anything exceptional.

The only way we could attach some significance to a number sequence is if we had advance warning that IF such a sequence occurs then it would signify thus and such.  After the fact proves nothing.

See, you don't have to be a mathematician, just smart.

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