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> You and Pim seem to want to twist what I previously wrote into some
sort of simple-minded
> complaint about me "not liking Kyoto". You STILL don't get it.

So what is it then? As we, and various others, have shown, the science
behind global warming is quite solid. Certainly your few 'scientific'
objections had to be corrected but once that was settled, the IPCC
conclusion seems to be stronger than ever.
You then started to lament about Kyoto being problematic, which seemed
to me to be your real 'beef' with global warming.
If we still do not get it, perhaps the fault lies in the poor
presentation of your arguments. May I suggest you provide us with a
quick overview of your arguments. I checked out your 'wake up' post
but that one seems to be quite unclear as to the nature of your

What am I missing?

Perhaps I can ask you to address the following questions and provide
supporting reasoning and scientific data
1. Do you accept global warming ? (I believe you do)
2. Do you accept that a large part of global warming is anthropogenic
(caused by humans)?
3. Do you believe that the science by thousands of scientists as
collected by the ICPP is flawed?
4. Do you believe that these thousands of scientists all are involved
in some grand conspiracy ?
5. Do you oppose Kyoto?
6. Do you oppose other reasonable efforts to reduce our human made
contributions to global warming?

And as a bonus question:

1. Do you accept that the widening and deepening of the ozone hole
was, as the data suggest, caused by humans?

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