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Hi Bill,
the book by Robert M. Best is _Noah's Ark and the Ziusudra Epic_ , (Enlil Press: Ft. Meyers, Fla, 1999), available through Amazon. I've only read his chapter 7 "How Old Was Noah?," which goes through the numerics from the actual Shuruppak number system compared to the more common Mesopotamian number system.
I don't agree with Best's overall approach to the Bible, since I believe it to be inerrant and he takes a critical approach that is very quick to assume fault with the text, and very speculative on a number of points. In particular, he assumes that the biblical version of the geneologies (and the flood) was penned as late as the Babylonian Captivity when some Jewish person in Babylon discovered some court document in Shuruppak and then misunderstood it to be a geneology of the Jewish patriarchs. I have a much higher view of ancient people who were intentionally transmitting their history, and especially of the Hebrews, and so I really believe that Moses existed and had source material that pre-dated him, having come down through Abraham. So I think the text was merely mistranslated during the Captivity, not invented at that time.
best regards,
Phil M.
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Hi Phil

In one of your posts you mention Robert Best. Could you send me a ref to the
particular book or article you're referring to?

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