Re: [asa] AAAS President Keynote Address

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Tue Feb 20 2007 - 22:51:41 EST

At 10:30 PM 2/20/2007, Jack wrote:
>"..But the quote she references says about environmentalism that:
>"Increasingly it seems facts aren't necessary," and at the end it
>references Michael Crichton's webpage, and if anyone makes the facts
>seem "unnecessary" it is him.

@ I talk about "facts" in my post here, excerpted:

"....Of course [Holdren] is counting on the slow-witted not to pick
up on the fact that facts / data must be interpreted.

And of course, we also know how the "highly spiritual" pantheists /
panentheists and those who view them as their "useful idiots", will
"interpret the facts".

Here is a fact that I will interpret:
..." [snip]

In Chrichton's interview with Rose on PBS here he asks, "Are
we moving away from science into being less and less interested in
verifying data and more interested in cohesiveness and consensus?"

He also said a lot more. :)

~ Janice

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