Re: [asa] Cardinal Pell: Global Warming hysteria-Keeping a cool head.

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Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 15:07:50 EST

When asked for clarification Pell stated

<quote>These things have got to be discussed scientifically, and I'm
not claiming that it is or isn't happening. One of the things that
struck me years ago were the fears that middle class kids without
religion had about nuclear war. It was almost an obsession with a few
of them. It's almost as though people without religion, who don't
belong to any of the great religious traditions, have got to be
frightened of something. Perhaps they're looking for a cause which is
almost a substitute for religion. I often point out that one or two of
the people who are now warning us against global warming were warning
us a couple of decades ago about a new ice age, because according to
some criteria an ice age is a bit overdue.</quote>

Pell would surely embrace AR4's work and might benefit from someone
explaining to him that the ice age was a hypothesis by a few
scientists. Then again, Pell, as a religious leader should do well
familiarizing himself further with the scientific evidence. I am sure,
he will become a convert once confronted with the facts. The
alternative would be costly to science and (catholic) faith alike.

On 2/19/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> Keeping a cool head amid warming hysteria
> Sunday Telegraph (Australia) ^ | February 18, 2007 | CARDINAL GEORGE PELL
> Posted on 02/19/2007 11:34:23 AM EST by Murtyo
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> My post:
> Pell aroused criticism from Greens' Senator Christine Milne with the
> following comment in his 2006 Legatus Summit speech:
> Some of the hysteric and extreme claims about global warming are also a
> symptom of pagan emptiness, of Western fear when confronted by the immense
> and basically uncontrollable forces of nature. Belief in a benign God who is
> master of the universe has a steadying psychological effect, although it is
> no guarantee of Utopia, no guarantee that the continuing climate and
> geographic changes will be benign. In the past pagans sacrificed animals and
> even humans in vain attempts to placate capricious and cruel gods. Today
> they demand a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
> ~ Janice :)

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