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> [2] Bacterial Gene May Affect Climate And Weather
> Science Daily ^ | 2-17-2007 | University Of Queensland
> Posted on 02/17/2007 2:47:13 PM EST by blam

<quote>"These algae can be found in such large numbers in the world's
oceans that the amount of DMS released can increase the reflection of
sunlight by clouds which may contribute to a reduction in global

Cool, global cooling by bacteria. Of course notice the 'may' and
remember that global warming is about what causes the recent increase
in temperatures.

> [refresh browser]
> One comment:
> "This is an IPCC chart.
> It greatly overstated the competence of the models, both in the past and
> now.
> They aren't even close to being able to accurately include the greatest
> heat reservoir of the Earth, oceans, in their modeling in a gross manner,
> not to say anything about specific situations as ocean currents. The effect
> of aerosols is very poorly understood. The effect of clouds is poorly
> understood. They don't even try to consider the most highly likely main
> driver of climate, the Sun and the ways it can affect temperature except in
> the most gross manner, and definitely have undercalculated its effect.
> Cosmic rays, bacteria, etc... many other things are completely ignored.

This is based on an inaccurate understanding of science. First of all
, notice how these models model quite accurately the observed data.

That the IPCC models do not take the sun into account or only in a
'gross manner' is quickly put to rest by actual fact

That circulation models include both the oceans as well as the
atmosphere could also be easily established.

Same for aerosols which are also included in GCM's

As I said, garbage in, garbage out. This description of the science of
global warming is no different. Just a quick perusal of the AR4 draft
documents would have shown that these 'critiques' remain unfounded.
Let's not confuse the hard work done by countless scientists with
these poorly supported and often erroneous claims.

In God's Name.

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