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Date: Sat Feb 17 2007 - 08:40:00 EST

Randy Isaac wrote:

> Let's consider the article Wayne suggested which started this round. Rich
> took it apart technically but even without that and before digging deeply into
> it, it can be readily seen that the work is not published in the technical
> literature but in book form. It is a contrarian view that offers an
> interpretation of data that has previously been explained in a different way. That
> doesn't mean its wrong. It just means that the bar is pretty high. I could go on
> but I think you get the point--articles such as this shouldn't be trumpeted
> by anyone as justification for the existence of "controversy in the scientific
> community." It needs additional supporting evidence.

Just for the record.

The main reason I thought the article was interesting was
(1) It actually mentioned a mechanism. That means they offered
something that we could test scientifically. As Rich showed,
the effect does not appear to be the major contributor (indeed
it seems to follow the 11 year cycle of the sun spots), but
still, it was a testable mechanism.

(2) That they were pursuing research that is interesting
in its own right, even if it is not the major contributing
factor to global warming. It was showing intellectual
independence that I can respect.

(3) The article's title appeared to be rather cautious.
It didn't start off with the predictable rant including
accusations and derision of an amorphous "they" who have
lied and are systematically attempting to subvert all of
humanity, and, if we agree with global warming, then, obviously,
the only two possibilities are that we are either blinded by these
mind controllers or we are part of the cable, etc.

(1) It is clear from other information that they have
greater ambitions than just to present the facts.

(2) Based upon what Rich showed (a graph that shows
roughly an 11 year cycle), there is not a lot of correlation
between that and the global warming matter.

Well..... anyway.....

by Grace we proceed,

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