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Michael, thank you for writing. However, some advice: sticking to one-liners must be
the safer option!

But seriously, Michael, I was hoping that you would have addressed the matters raised in the first of my emails. Clearly, along with George, as a professional theologian you will, long ago, have come to terms with the Book of Revelation. How, for example, do you view its provenance? Do you agree with what is stated in verses 1:1-3? Do you take seriously the threats of 22:18,19? Do you agree that the 'riddle' of 13:18 is one posed by the Lord himself - rather one proceeding from a less exalted source? And, as a scientist (one who is no stranger to number), what would you consider to constitute a 'victory' over 666 (15:2)?

Michael, I would greatly appreciate a meaningful response to these - in my view - vital matters.


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    It is truly amazing how much numero-geometrical information has been packed into the 7 strategically-placed Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1. [This includes the Rev.13:18 data: 666 and its associated features of triangularity, along with 37 - its highest prime factor - and, incidentally, factor of the Creator's Name and Title].

    Here are two rather beautiful tessellations of the verse which speak further, and eloquently, of coordinated design and purpose.


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