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From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 18:49:22 EST

Actually it's not so much the calling me a heretic business that
annoys me - I think I'm big enough to take that. But what is really
infuriating is when you are not listened to - and that the other
person wantonly distorts what you said and twists it round to
something quite different. That is totally dishonest. And both sides
of the debate are equally guilty of it, not just the YEC's. I get the
impression that this issue is so polarised that neither side is
willing to listen to what the other side has to say. It's much easier
to ridicule and ask the kind of "have you stopped beating your wife
yet?" type question that is designed to make the other person look


On 2/14/07, James Mahaffy <> wrote:
> >>> On 2/14/2007 at 3:17 PM, in message
> <>, "Iain Strachan"
> <> wrote:
> > Yes, I agree ... I've had my faith questioned by YEC people. I
> passed
> > on a post from Christians in Science to the guy who runs the
> christian
> > group where I work - a staunch YEC despite having a PhD in molecular
> > biology. I said it was a good post and represented my views. He
> went
> > into sermon mode and at one point said "Is this guy really a
> > Christian?". Not the wisest thing to say after I'd just pointed out
> > that the poster's views were essentially the same as mine. I've
> also
> > in the last couple of days had a couple of literalist enthusiasts on
> > the CiS newsgroup wantonly distorting and misrepresenting what I
> said.
> >
> > Then there was the whole sorry business of Russ Humphries calling
> > Glenn Morton an "apostate".
> In itself we should not be surprised that some YEC think some of the
> evangelical
> scientists (especially if TE) are non Christian. If it is done in a
> charitable
> way we should in some cases respect the fact that from their
> perspective some
> of us are not adhering enough to Scripture or ....
> While I am not saying any of us are heretics, almost all heretics took
> their position
> out of love for the church. Is it not true that classical liberal
> theology that
> denies the deity of Christ was an attempt by German theologian to
> salvage
> their Christianity (it is not important that Christ was really God) and
> their science.
> But it really makes no difference if some YEC are treating us wrongly.
> We can not
> generalize to all of them and if they are Christian they are still
> brothers or sisters in
> Christ. Some YEC like Marcus or Kurt Wise are fine folks, but it is
> really sad that I
> dare not try and set up dialog with them because of the uncharitable
> way they
> would be treated on this list. In other words we are responsible for
> how we treat them
> and NOT how they treat us.
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