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From: James Mahaffy <mahaffy@dordt.edu>
Date: Tue Feb 13 2007 - 08:11:10 EST

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>>> Dave Wallace <wdwllace@sympatico.ca> 02/13/07 6:35 AM >>>
James Mahaffy wrote:
> Folks,
> It would not be fair to ask Marcus to work totally in a new paradigm
> that has
> not (at least yet) gained the acceptance (some of us will say never
> will - but
> that is another story). Although YEC, I am not a theistic
> evolutionist, but I still need
> to know and work within the accepted framework. I would love to use
> the word
> creation instead of nature in an article but I know it would NOT fly.

Just trying to be sure I really understand. In the sentence Although
1.Who does the I refer to? you or Marcus


2.One would not expect a YEC to be a theistic evolutionist, so I would
therefore find a sentence more like "Although YEC, thus I am not a
theistic evolutionist,..." to make more sense, but maybe I am missing
the point you were trying to make.

I forgot a NOT. It should state although NOT a YEC, I am not either a
theistic evolutionists.

In other words, I see some big flaws in the current paradigm - which is
one of the reasons I did my
graduate work in paleobotany. Christians have to often avoided those
areas. In that regard, I am
glad to see some YEC, who often have (in my opinion avoided mainstream
geology and paleontology)
doing good work and learning in the area.


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