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Metanexus News Wire
12 February 2007
Published bi-weekly for subscribers of the Metanexus NEWS List
News and Events
Table of Contents
1. Metanexus Local Events
2. Other Local Events
3. Metanexus Global Events
4. Other Events
5. News of Interest
6. Full Online Version
1. Metanexus Local Events
2006-2007 Metanexus Senior Fellow John Haught will deliver the third
installment in his five-part lecture series titled, Science and Christian
Faith, on Monday, 19 February 2007, at 7:30 p.m. at Bryn Mawr
Church, Bryn Mawr, PA. The first two talks were met with enthusiastic
acclaim. Dr. Haught's third talk, "Scientific Truth and Christian
will focus on the thoughts of the great Jesuit philosopher Bernard
This event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit:
www.bmpc.org or

2. Other Local Events
Chestnut Hill College is hosting a lecture by J. Wentzel van Huyssteen on
"Human Origins and the Emergence of Religious Awareness on 22 March 2007
7:30 PM in Philadelphia, PA. Van Huyssteen is the James I. McCord
of Theology and Science at the Princeton Theological Seminary and a
Metanexus Academic Board Member. For more information, visit
www.metanexus.net/metanexus_online/show_article2.asp?id=9766 or contact
Kathleen Duffy, SSJ at kduffy@chc.edu.
Dr. John Haught will give a lecture titled, "The Encounter of Faith &
Science: What's At Stake?" at the Pine Street Presbyterian Church in
Harrisburg, PA on 3 March 2007 at 10:30 AM. Dr. Haught, is a Catholic
theologian and a strong advocate for dialogue between science and
There is a general registration fee of $25 for the lecture with a lunch
following. To learn more about this event, visit: www.pinestreet.org or
The deadline for paper submissions for the 12th Annual Graduate Student
Conference at Villanova University on "Philosophy & Sexuality" has been
changed to 18 February 2007. The conference will run from 31 March to 1
April 2007 and will feature Dr. Alphonso Lingis as the keynote speaker.
more information about paper submission or attending the conference
www.metanexus.net/metanexus_online/show_article2.asp?id=9775 or
3. Metanexus Global Events
The Center for the Study of Science and Religion at Columbia University,
member of the Metanexus Local Societies Initiative (LSI), announces its
"Spring 2007 Seminar Series" running from 7 February until 12 April 2007
New York, NY. James Campbell, Irwin Redlener, Sheldon Krimsky and Anne
Foerst are all featured lecturers. These events are free and open to the
public; however, advanced registration is required. For more
visit www.metanexus.net/metanexus_online/show_article2.asp?id=9759 or
Kuruvilla Pandikattu, SJ at kurusj@gmail.com.
Cristof Koch, Professor of Biology and Engineering at California
of Technology, will deliver a series of lectures at Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN on 19 & 20 March and 4 May 2007. These lectures are funded
a Templeton Research Lectures grant from Metanexus Institute, and will
the subject of consciousness in relation to ideas like God, religion and
free will. All lectures are free and open to the public. For more
information, visit:
www.metanexus.net/metanexus_online/show_article2.asp?id=9761 or
The 'Sophia' Association for Cultural Studies, an LSI group, is hosting a
conference on "Communication and Relationships in Medicine: New
Perspectives for Medical Etiquette" in Rome, Italy on 16-17 February
This conference will present information about strategies to promote both
education and the forming of relationships. For more information, e-mail
mdc@flars.net or visit
The Pari Dialogues on Religion and Science, a Local Society in Pari,
will host a roundtable discussion on Thursday, 25 March 2007. The
roundtable will feature some of the Pari LSI's notable long term visitors
including Wilson Winnetoy, Adam Clark, Gillian Comstock and Helen Ampt.
more information, visit: www.paricenter.com/ or
The Association for the Dialogue Between Science and Theology-Romania, a
Metanexus LSI grantee, will host a conference titled, "Transdisciplinary
Approaches to the Dialogue Between Science, Art and Religion in the
of Tomorrow", 8-10 September 2007. The congress will be an opportunity
discuss new transdisciplinary approaches to dialogue among science, art,
religion, faith and reason in the cultural capital of Europe in 2007 -
Sibiu. For more information, visit:
www.metanexus.net/metanexus_online/show_article2.asp?id=9756 or
4. Other Events
Dr. Stuart Kauffman will be the keynote speaker at Harvard Divinity
symposium, titled "Beyond Reductionism: Reinventing the Sacred without
Supernaturalism," on Tuesday, 13 February 2007 at 5:10 PM in Cambridge,
Kauffman is known for promoting alternatives to scientific reductionism.
For more information, contact Frank Villa at labplans@comcast.net or
A Symposium titled, "Evolution and Intelligent Design: Defining Terms,
Clarifying Conflict and Charting a Way Forward," is being hosted by
for Religion and Science Dialogue in Waverly, Iowa on 16-17 March 2007.
Registration is required and there are scholarships available. For more
information about the event, call 319-273-2021 or visit
5. News of Interest
There are an estimated 400,000 embryos stored in fertility clinics
throughout the nation. The government and scientists have no authority
these embryos. The families must decide what to do with them. The
can continue to be stored, they can be used for research or they can be
donated to other infertile couples. To read more about what some
have decided and why, visit:
Astronomers and cosmologists are attempting to answer the philosophical
questions about the universe that humans have been asking for centuries;
however, they are doing this based on 'systematic observation and
quantitative methodology.' Recently, a great deal about the universe and
its beginnings have been answered, but there is still a lot cosmologists
don't know about how 'the primordial soup evolved into the rich zoo of
celestial bodies we now see.' To read more about this, visit:
It was recently discovered that a parrot named N'kisi has a vocabulary of
950 words. This would make him one of the most advanced users of human
language in the animal kingdom. "He invents his own words and phrases if
is confronted with novel ideas with which his existing repertoire cannot
cope - just as a human child would do." He also appears to have a sense
humor. These advanced communication skills have shocked scientists. To
read more about this, visit:
There has been a battle over public access to scientific literature since
the 1990s but recently this battle has escalated. Traditional publishers
have enlisted the help of the PR industry to fight those who are
public access. These traditional publishers feel open access ". . .
undermine the quality, sustainability and independence of science." On
other side of the issue, the public access advocates feel that with the
internet and other easy communication methods the only thing preventing
complete access is the outdated business model of the publishing
To read more about this debate, visit:
A recent scientific study has begun to identify DNA sequences that are
compatible with life. This is a difficult task and involves identifying
strings of amino acids that don't present themselves. This research
have many important benefits in the future. To read more about the
research's progress and its possible benefits, visit:
6. Full Online Version
More news and events can be found on Metanexus online at
The entire News & Events page may be viewed at:
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