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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Mon Feb 12 2007 - 13:11:09 EST

At 08:52 PM 2/11/2007, Rich Blinne wrote:

>..But, hey, tobacco may be good for you just like climate change. Go
>and drive your SUV and while you're at it, light up.

@ Have you looked in the dictionary under "naive"? :)

"Like the tobacco industry, "environmentalism" sells an image,
feeling and mood. You can buy Hemp

And subscribe to monthly magazines telling you to donate money and
buy more organic all natural products from some manufacturer slapping
a 500% markup on a shoddy product marketed very well.

Frankly, those are bourgeois [ ], nothing more. Rich snot kids who
can afford to "save the planet" on daddy's dollar or Euro. While I
don't support the French method of blowing up their ships, I do
indeed support exposing them for what they are. Like alGore, who
flies around lives in decedent luxury and talks about global warming
and making his fortune off of this today, Green Peace as most other
organizations in its class are frauds. They are themselves that which
they supposedly oppose.

All you need to know about environmentalism and Green Peace can be
summed up with their own book:

An over-sized hardcover book, waxed (high gloss), white bleached,
with lots of color pictures on this non-recycled paper.

Environmentalism is a business. People make small fortunes on "made
up" issues that fade away after a few years. In this case they drive
around in boats, burning tens of thousands of gallons of heavy fuel,
damage private property, and risk human lives all in the name of
saving a whale which is NOT endangered.

Do you remember "save the seals"?

Acid Rain? What ever did happen with Acid Rain? We were told all our
forests would be dead by 2000.

What happened with global cooling and the coming ice age?

Organizations like the WWF are nothing more than cash cows for
ingenious marketers.

Excerpted from this thread:

'Pirate' ship collides with whaler
Sydney Morning Herald ^ | February 12, 2007 - 8:16PM [refresh browser]

The crew of a Japanese whaling ship issued a distress call today and
labelled activists "eco-terrorists" following collisions in
Antarctica's icy waters today. ..
... (ICR) accused Sea Shepherd protesters of using pirate-like
tactics. "Eco-terrorist group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has
rammed and damaged one of the Japanese research fleet," the statement
said. "Afterwards, both the Robert Hunter and the Farley Mowat came
to the either side of the Kaiko Maru, stopping her from continuing.
This was done in the same manner employed by pirates. .."

Another environment group in the Antarctic waters ...Karli Thomas,
the expedition leader on Greenpeace vessel, the Esperanza..."

My comment is here:

Others' comments are excerpted here:

I assume the eco-terrorist attack ship is named after, Robert Hunter
- the lyricist for the Grateful Dead. Silly, dangerous hippies.

They even flew the skull and crossbones flag when they did it.
Don't the laws of the seas allow the Japanese ship to defend itself?
Crippling a ship in antartic waters isn't something anyone does
lightly, what if one or both vessels were opened to the sea in a
collision? I guess killing a few people to them is far better than a whale.

It takes capital to operate ships of that size. These eco-zips have
no shortage of money. They are very dangerous.

~ Janice

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