Re: [asa] IPCC

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Mon Feb 12 2007 - 13:12:04 EST

At 10:15 AM 2/12/2007, Rich Blinne wrote:

>....Since Janice was interested in who were the UCS scientists ~ Rich

@@ Ahhhhh.. you're confused again ...that was Wayne who voiced that
interest. I have no interest in who was on the list since I know
that NO climate scientist (or other scientist) who ever hopes to
advance in his career or get government funding for his "research"
will be dumb enough to go on the record against the "group
think". That reality makes any "list" meaningless. ~ Janice

>>> I know the issue has been discussed quite enough as far as I
>>> can tell and I see no reason to question the main findings of the
>>> report. Still, for the
>>>sake of leaving no stone unturned, is there any way to get this
>>>"statement"? ... just so we know. ~ Wayne
>>> @ I don't know about that "statement", but for the sake of
>>> leaving no stone unturned, I'll offer this below. :) ~ Janice

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