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From: Merv <mrb22667@kansas.net>
Date: Sun Feb 11 2007 - 18:17:45 EST

y = ... it is! I should know better than to post casual math on a
site like this! And now I have some more grammar under my belt thanks
to you. I had to check Wiktionary to see if 'ellipsis' was an
alternate form for the word 'ellipse', in which case your correction
would have puzzled me. But if the Wiktionary article has its facts
straight, ellipsis is the grammatical omission of something that was
necessary, or the ... used to replace it. And the word 'ellipses' is
the plural heteronym for both ellipsis and ellipse (the conic
section). I take it your meaning was the former since you spelled it
that way, and I'm going to guess that you are a stickler for
technicalities. So I'd better quit before getting myself into more
trouble here.

asymptotically speaking,

Don Nield wrote:
> And that was hyperbolic -- I meant to type "ellipsis"
> Don
>> Merv -- that is a piece of ellipisis -- you meant y = 3x^2 – 7x + 12.
>> Don
>> Merv wrote:
>>> One day Jesus looked straight at Peter and declared: the kingdom of
>>> God is like 3x^2 – 7x + 12. Peter looked at Andrew and whispered: “I
>>> hate it when he talks to us in parabolas”.

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