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From: Merv <>
Date: Sun Feb 11 2007 - 15:44:09 EST

A sermon this morning about the resurrection reminded me of our
ambiguity over what the body is/will become on that day. We've
discussed it here before, of course, but this possibly new question
occurred to me.

According to traditional "no death before the fall" readings of the
Bible, were Adam and Eve's bodies (before the fall) still in an
imperishable state understood to be identical to what Christians look
forward to? I.e. When we are to be transformed in the twinkling of
an eye -- raised imperishable -- does that mean a restoration to an
original pre-fall state according to traditional thought?

And for those many of you who don't adhere to that tradition, do you
take the new state reached by resurrection as a new thing never seen
before in the world (i.e. more than just simple 'restoration'). I am
inclined to see much of this as possibly falling within our inadequate
label of "spiritual" even though this attracts the derision of Mr.
Brown in his book review (American Scientist -- link recently posted by
Jack). It seems many in the world want to keep all truth assessments to
be solidly technical and "physical" so that they can muster the tools
to confirm, or in Mr. Brown's case -- reject, any truth that comes with
a religious looking label. If you try to take the ball out of their
play-pen and look at it in any other light, they cry foul.

I know George Murphy will have in depth answers he has probably given
many times before -- thanks in advance for patience seventy times seven.


One day Jesus looked straight at Peter and declared: the kingdom of
God is like 3x^2 -- 7x + 12. Peter looked at Andrew and whispered:
"I hate it when he talks to us in parabolas".



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