Re: [asa] AIG's weakly message

From: Merv <>
Date: Sat Feb 10 2007 - 13:32:31 EST

> What happened to Templeton is a warning for us all today. He went to
> Princeton University and was taught to believe in the evolutionary
> teaching of "millions of years." He recognized that if this were true,
> then God used death, bloodshed, suffering and disease for millions of
> years as part of His creative process---and then called this very good.
> All through his book, Templeton wrote that there can't be a God of
> love because of all the death and suffering in the world. The teaching
> of "millions of years" destroyed Templeton. Don't compromise, as he
> did, and destroy your faith.
"Weakly" message? --- shame on you, John, you couldn't resist could
you? :-)

Regarding the complaint about a God of love causing death and suffering,
Christians who read their Bibles didn't need evolution to introduce us
to that discomfort. The Old Testament is full of it. Anyone finds a
God who presides over calamity to be unconscionable had better refrain
from reading their Bibles. Doesn't mean we have a good answer for it
except to dismissively assert that God is sovereign --- just means
anyone who gets shook up over this "new" challenge from science
apparently hasn't adequately withstood the shaking from within their own


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