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From: Charles Carrigan <>
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 21:38:59 EST

Thanks for the links. Both were interesting, but ultimately disappointing. I have recently started Collins' book, and hope that it is better than the reviewer thinks. In the second review listed below, I find Brown's characterization of American's as terrorized, fearful people cowering in foxholes to be plain silly. His suggestions that if American's had more socialist government institutions in place that then we'd shed all our "fears" and be able to lose religion and believe Darwin are just ridiculous. It is hard to believe that statements like this can get published in "American Scientist".
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>>> Jack Haas <> 2/8/2007 4:25 PM >>>

Things seemed to have calmed down a bit. So....I offer two items from
the ASA Faith-Science blog. :-X

From the current /American Scientist

/Francis Collins /Language:/;jsessionid=aaa5oX5wvkh15J


Michael Shermer,/ Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent
Design/. .

Jack Haas

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