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HPV vaccine is a 4 part vaccine that would immunize women from being
infected with HPV, 2 of the strains of which are the most common forms of
cervical cancer. These forms of servical cancer are sexually transmitted.
 Men are carriers of the virus.

 From a public health point of view, you could simply look at this as a
 of eliminating the disease, a disease that kills 10 to 15 thousand women a
 year, if enough people are vaccinated.

 I am not sure that taking the stance, 'well it is sexually transmitted, so
 only those that are promiscuous are going to get it, so why should the rest
 of us care or pay for it,' is a just position. It is true that those that
 have more unprotected sex are more likely to get it, and those that abstain
 are less likely. But I dont see the threat of cervical cancer as a
 deterrent in anyones sexual behavior, so eliminating a costly and deadly
 disease is probably worth it in the long run.

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I'm surprised at your statement that state funding pay for a vaccine that
you consider unncessary for all individuals. If the vaccine is voluntary,
why should the state pay for it?

I know very little of this disease, except that it is a virus that causes a
form of cancer in women. But if what you say is true, then personally I
think if the disease cannot be tranmitted by ordinary social contact then a
mandatory vaccine is a big unnecessary expense. And if it is voluntary and
unnecessary for individuals based on sexual behavior, then state funding for
it is innappropriate. We continue to create a culture where personal sexual
behavior holds little to no personal responsibility.


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>>> "David Opderbeck" <> 02/06/07 7:03 PM >>>
I think the problem is the mandatory nature of this executive order.
Mandatory vaccinations for schoolchildren are appropriate for communicable
diseases that are transmitted by ordinary social contact. It seems very
different to me to require that kids be vaccinated against an STD. It does
seem like the kind of thing families should decide for themselves. I could
see maybe making state funding available for any family that chooses the

On 2/6/07, Bill Hamilton <> wrote:
> My wife and I had a discussion about this and she saw it as an invitation
> to
> girls to be sexually active. I pointed out that the vaccine only protected
> girls against cervical cancer, not against other STD's. Still, I couldn't
> see
> the value of it for girls raised in a Christian home who were taught not
> to
> have premarital sex. However, I soon realized that the vaccine _would_
> protect
> girls/women who
> 1. Were raped
> 2. Married men who were less than honest about their previous sexual
> activity
> 3. Were promiscuous in spite of their training (it _does_ happen)
> --- wrote:
> > Several states have pending legislation this year similar
> > to the Texas' Govenor's "Executive Order"
> >
> > Lots of potential areas of discussion about this topic.
> >
> >
> >
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