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Date: Tue Feb 06 2007 - 21:09:02 EST

Yes I agree with your statement, especially pointing out the distinction between this vaccine, and others that are more casually transmitted. The argument for "herd immunity" does not apply in the same way here.

However, I find the argument that such a vaccine would interfere with a message of abstinence somewhat flimsy. After all, this vaccine is supposed to be given to girls before they become sexually active. I find it hard to believe that once they would be able to partake in sexual activity, that having this vaccine would be part of their decision making at the time. That just seems absurd.

Apparently, familys would be able to opt out, for pretty much any reason. But is that really the best way to go about this?

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  I think the problem is the mandatory nature of this executive order. Mandatory vaccinations for schoolchildren are appropriate for communicable diseases that are transmitted by ordinary social contact. It seems very different to me to require that kids be vaccinated against an STD. It does seem like the kind of thing families should decide for themselves. I could see maybe making state funding available for any family that chooses the vaccine.

  On 2/6/07, Bill Hamilton <> wrote:
    My wife and I had a discussion about this and she saw it as an invitation to
    girls to be sexually active. I pointed out that the vaccine only protected
    girls against cervical cancer, not against other STD's. Still, I couldn't see
    the value of it for girls raised in a Christian home who were taught not to
    have premarital sex. However, I soon realized that the vaccine _would_ protect
    girls/women who
    1. Were raped
    2. Married men who were less than honest about their previous sexual activity
    3. Were promiscuous in spite of their training (it _does_ happen)

    --- wrote:

> Several states have pending legislation this year similar
> to the Texas' Govenor's "Executive Order"
> Lots of potential areas of discussion about this topic.
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