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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Tue Feb 06 2007 - 13:28:30 EST

At 12:40 PM 2/6/2007, PIM wrote:

>I now realize that there is not just the global warming myth but
>that people are also under false impressions about DDT and Ozone. .." ~ Pim


>The Union of Concerned Scientists has an excellent Ozone FAQ ..." ~ Pim

@ I'll bet they do. :)

Comment #
: The "Union of Concerned Scientists" org is a FRAUD.

Of all their <>'experts', NOT ONE
has any degree even CLOSE to what would qualify them as experts on
climate. ...they aren't even 'scientists'.

For instance, the President, Kevin Knobloch, whose 'expertise' is
"global warming" (among other junk) has a BA in English and
journalism and an MA in Public Administration. Oh, Kevin is also and
'expert' on .. ARMS CONTROL (like I said, 'other junk').

Now how does one get to be an 'expert' on "global warming" and "arms
control" with a English & JOURNALISM Degree?!?! .."

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Union of Junk Scientists

We're going to hear a lot about the new Union of Concerned
Scientists' report on the so-called R*public*n War on Science that
was unveiled at today's hearing chaired by Henry Waxman. What you
won't hear is that the UCS report is undeniably Junk Science, a term
I try to avoid but completely apposite in this case.

The UCS mailed out over 1600 survey forms to climate scientists and
based their assertions of political interference on the 297 that got

That's a response rate of just 19 percent.

OMB guidelines clearly state that a response rate of less than 80
percent requires an investigation of potential biases and an even
closer investigation for a response rate lower than 70 percent.

A response rate of lower than twenty percent is clearly vulnerable to
the charge of a self-selecting sample, perhaps those with an axe to
grind against their bosses, the politically motivated, and so on.

In short, it proivides all sorts of legitimate reasons to dismiss the
survey as utterly unrepresentative.

The fact that these so-called scientists went ahead regardless
exposes them for the partisan media manipulators they are. ......


~ Janice

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