Re: [asa] Why the opposition to global warming

From: David Opderbeck <>
Date: Mon Feb 05 2007 - 19:38:16 EST

* I think what George was driving at was the consequences
of being on the wrong side. I take that seriously,*

Right... me too.... *but*, I still think the comparison doesn't work. With
the civil rights movement, there were immediate evils visible to everyone --
lynchings, church burnings, people being turned away at the university gate,
segregated lunch counters, etc. In that context, it's very, very hard to
make a plausible non-racially motivated argument that local governance,
markets operating over time, etc. are enough. With global warming, we have
clear indications of a trend that could be very dangerous over the next 100
years -- or that could be mostly mitigated by new technology -- or that
could be mostly adapted to -- or any wide variety of other plausible
scenarios. It's difficult to see the moral commensurability with the
immediate, monotonically evil threats confronted by the civil rights

On 2/5/07, Bill Hamilton <> wrote:
> --- David Opderbeck <> wrote:
> > *I was a YAF belonging - National Review subscribing - Goldwater
> applauding
> > -conservative candidate door knocking - card carrying conservative. So
> I
> > know a bit about it from the inside.*
> >
> > Really! I knew there was a spark of something in there somewhere...
> > Remember, even Darth Vader eventually came back from the Dark Side :-)
> >
> Ditto
> [big snip]
> > At the end of the day, then, I think the comparison between the civil
> rights
> > movement and global warming is superficial at best.
> >
> This may be true, but I think what George was driving at was the
> consequences
> of being on the wrong side. I take that seriously, while agreeing with you
> that
> the case for environmental action -- on the scale the environmentalists
> seem to
> be calling for -- is less clear than it was in the case of civil rights.
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