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It's quite easy to see why the hockey stick is such an important
doctrine in the Gaia religion.

Like the hockey stick, here is another one of the Gaia's "Chewbacca
Defenses" for global warming: http://tinyurl.com/org56 - (a
defense consisting solely of nonsensical arguments meant to confuse a
jury - like Johnny Cochran's closing argument defending O.J. Simpson)

  ~ Janice :)

Medieval Warm Period Project

Overview [copied and pasted below]

Study Description and Results

Quantitative Temperature Differentials

Qualitative Temperature Differentials

Map and Time Domain Plot
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of Scientists Whose Work We Cite

of Research Institutions Associated With the Work We Cite


What is it?
Our Medieval Warm Period Project is an ongoing effort to document the
magnitude and spatial and temporal extent of a significant period of
warmth that occurred approximately one thousand years ago. Its goal
is to ultimately provide sufficient real-world evidence to convince
most rational people that the Medieval Warm Period was: (1) global in
extent, (2) at least as warm as, but likely even warmer than, the
Current Warm Period, and (3) of a duration significantly longer than
that of the Current Warm Period to date.

Why is it?
The project's reason for being begins with the claim of many
scientists - and ___essentially all of the world's radical
environmentalists___ -

that earth's near-surface air temperature over the last two decades
of the 20th century (and continuing to the present) was higher than
it has been during any similar period of the past millennium or more.

  This claim is of utmost importance to these climate alarmists; for
it allows them to further claim there is something unnatural about
recent and possibly ongoing warming, which allows them to claim that
the warming has its origins in anthropogenic CO2 emissions, which
allows them to claim that if humanity will abandon the burning of
fossil fuels, we can slow and ultimately stop the warming of the
modern era and thereby save the planet's fragile ecosystems from
being destroyed by catastrophic climate changes that they claim will
otherwise drive a goodly percentage of earth's plants and animals to

  Believing all of these claims to be false, we felt that disproving
the first of them was the best way of refuting all the rest, or at
least making them moot.

The course of action we therefore take in this endeavor is to
demonstrate that approximately one thousand years ago, when the
atmosphere's CO2 concentration was approximately 25% lower than it is
currently, earth's near-surface air temperature was equally as warm
as, or even warmer than, it is today, demonstrating that today's
temperatures are not unnatural and need not be due to the historical
rise in the air's CO2 content. Indeed, these and other data covering
a much longer timespan suggest that a more logical cause of our
present warmth is the recurrence of whatever cyclical phenomenon
produced the higher temperatures of the Medieval Warm Period.

How is the project conducted?
As we discover new peer-reviewed scientific journal articles
pertaining to the Medieval Warm Period, we briefly describe their
most pertinent findings in the
Descriptions and Results section of the project. The locations of
all such studies are then plotted on a map of the globe, and the
intervals of time they associate with the Medieval Warm Period are
incorporated into a graph of the frequency distribution of all such
time intervals, which is located just beneath the map in the
Map and Time Domain Plot feature. In extremely rare cases where only
a single year is specified for the MWP, we assign it a 100-year
timespan centered on the year reported by the study's authors. For
studies that allow the determination of an actual temperature
difference between the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and Current Warm
Period (CWP), this number is incorporated into the frequency
distribution of all such differentials in the project's
Quantitative Temperature Differentials section. For studies that
allow only a qualitative determination of the temperature difference
between the MWP and CWP to be made, results are presented in the
Qualitative Temperature Differentials section. Last of all, the
names of all scientists and research institutions associated with the
MWP Project studies we cite are included in our
of Scientists Whose Work We Cite and
of Research Institutions Associated With the Work We Cite.

When will the project end?
We believe there are enough pertinent studies already published, in
the pipeline to be published, currently in progress and yet to be
conceived to enable us to continue to add to the project on a weekly
basis for a long enough time to truly convince most rational people
that the Medieval Warm Period was indeed both longer and warmer than
the portion of the Current Warm Period experienced to date. When
this degree of realization occurs, it will undercut the only
foundation in real-world data upon which the world's climate
alarmists are able to build an edifice to support their many
doom-and-gloom predictions of catastrophic global warming and
biospheric breakdown based on theoretical computer-based and
scenario-driven simulations. Only at that time, when we have
achieved our ultimate goal, will the project end.

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