Re: [asa] ICR Acts & Facts Feb 2007

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 18:33:06 EST

Are these two very different?


First from ICR
> IMPACT No. 404 - Water Activity on Mars: Landscapes and Sedimentary
> Strata
> Despite 30 years of accumulating increasingly abundant and unequivocal
> geomorphological evidence, the case for past catastrophic water-related
> activity on Mars has remained controversial until very recently.
> Read it at:
> --------------------------------------------
> Second from a dubious British source

This is not necessarily the case. There is a new theory (in Brit Journal for
creation science 2007 vol 1 , pp 36-57) which argues that the excess water
of the Flood was sucked off by a passing comet which then struck Mars and
the resulting melt on impact caused the rivers but that has now been
evaporated off. That gives the essence of the argument


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