Re: [asa] Rare Earth hypothesis (and it's theological implication)

From: Johan Jammart <>
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 04:28:13 EST

Thank you for your replies. Yes Simon Conway Morris speak in favor of
this hypothesis in "Life solution:Inevitable Humans In A Lonely Universe" .

I have read an atheist throwing a review a book :Stuart Ross Taylor -
Destiny or Chance Our Solar System and its Place in the Cosmos, a book
which is favorable of the rare earth hypothesis.

Here is the review

> Written by a leading planetary scientist, this book tells the
> remarkable story of how our solar system came into existence. It
> provides a fast-paced and expert tour of our new understanding of the
> Earth, its planetary neighbours and other planetary systems. We are
> shown why Mars is so small, where comets come from, how rings form
> around planets, why asteroids exist and why Pluto isn't a planet at
> all. En route we discover that chance events have shaped the course of
> the history of our solar system. Dramatic collisions, for example,
> have caused the tilts and spins of planets, the extinction of the
> dinosaurs and the rise of man. Finally, we look at how suitable Earth
> is for harbouring life, what other planetary systems look like and
> whether we are alone in the cosmos. For all those interested in
> understanding our solar system, this is a lucid and compelling read.

This atheist claim that formation of our solar system was too hazardous
to me the produce of God. But I have discovered that this book was
reviewed by Simon Conway Morris :

> 'This is a book that should be read by anyone who wants to be a
> scientist, is a scientist, or is interested in science.' Simon Conway
> Morris, Geological Magazine

So I guess that there is no conflict between this book review and the
belief in God! What do you think?

Thanks again for your help!



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