Re: [asa] Denyse O'Leary on family values and Darwinism

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Sun Dec 31 2006 - 19:59:01 EST

Bob et al -

I agree that the term "Darwinism" is often unhelpful but it can't be
replaced simply with "biological evolution." "Biological evolution through
natural selection," while still an oversimplification, is, I think, the
minimum that's needed to convey what people _should_ mean by "Darwinism."

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> If I were the dictator of language I would banish "Darwinism" from the
> vocabulary. It causes no end of confusion. It is virtually impossible to
> carry on a logical conversation about it when the term means different
> things to different people. If we would simply use the terms "biological
> evolution" and "cosmological evolution," we could stay in the realm of
> science and not muck us the discussion with philosophical meanings.
> Bob Schneider

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