[asa] Moral law - Francis Collins

From: Johan Jammart <j_jammart@yahoo.fr>
Date: Sun Dec 31 2006 - 08:10:52 EST
I have read an other review by Korthof of Francis Collins book "The Language of God" (http://home.planet.nl/~gkorthof/korthof83.htm)

Korthof critique the argument of the moral law, claiming that some animals (especialy chimps) have altruism and kindness in their behaviour, that altruism and kindness can be explain by evolution, that morality have evolved. He also state:"The other unique human properties awareness of right and wrong, language, self-awareness and the ability to imagine the future (Collins page 23) are found also in animals." Korthof cite and refer amply to the books of Frans de Waal. Frans de Waal seems to found a lot of parallel between behavior of human and chimps (an other example: the capacity of forgiveness and peace making of the chimps).

What are your opinions on this? Have science disprove the argument of moral law? Have morality evolved? Are human the not the only specie capable of awareness of right and wrong, self-awareness, forgiveness, peacemaking and the ability to imagine the future? Do you have have ever heard about Frans de Waal?

Thanks in advance for your insight.



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