[asa] Oil and Tubalcain

From: Glenn Morton <glennmorton@entouch.net>
Date: Sat Dec 30 2006 - 23:16:28 EST

I will post this then get off the list again.

First thing that might be of some interest to the readers of this list is
that Mexico has now begun declining in oil production. They are off 200,000
barrels per day from April of this year. Since they were sending 1 million
bbl/day to the US, this means that the US must buy its oil from somewhere
else. See http://home.entouch.net/dmd/mexbrickwall.htm esp. the last chart.

Saudi Arabia also seems to be in natural decline now. See the last chart on

I will also point people to an article on Theologyweb.com which I posted
challenging the concept that Adam is neolithic. It challenges the claim that
iron working was going on in the Tubalcain incident.
See http://www.theologyweb.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1692777&postcount=40

I will not stick around to debate the issue. I will only pop in from time
to time for a driveby posting. After this post is sent to my email, I will
be unsubscribing.

They're Here: The Pathway Papers
Foundation, Fall, and Flood
Adam, Apes and Anthropology


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