Re: [asa] Cosmological Evolution?

From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 2006 - 10:29:39 EST

--- Gregory Arago <> wrote:

> The cosmos is certainly ‘changing,’ but I wonder why people (esp.
> cosmologists) would use the concept of ‘evolution’ to describe that/those
> change(s).
Howard Van Till in his book, "The Fourth Day..." describes the process of
stellar evolution, wherein a star begins by fusing hyhdrogen into helium, and
when the hyhdrogen is depleted, burns helium, fusing it into a heavier element
(I forgot which). This process continues, yielding ever heavire elements, which
are thrown off -- through boiling off or through novas -- to make them
available to other stars or for planet formation. It is an orderly process
which generates all the elements of the periodic table -- thus enabling the raw
materials for life to be available. One dictionary definition of evolution
is "1. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and
usually more complex or better form." (American Heritage online Dictionary) So
I don't think "evolution" is off the mark.

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