Re: [asa] Cosmological Evolution?

From: PvM <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 21:13:27 EST

Yes, it's time to go back to the good old days of DDT, PCB's or
asbestos. Those were days of fun.

Luckily there were (a few) loving and caring people who exposed the
hazards of these chemicals. Of course some may prefer remaining in
ignorance over the risks facing the environment and health from
industrial practices, but there is a group of well motivated people
willing to help educate us on these important topics.
Of course, we will always see short sighted and unsupported assertions
from some who have yet come to understand the full meaning of
Augustine's warnings.

On 12/28/06, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
The environmental movement with its radical, shortsighted
eco-activists has actually helped amplify the dangers of natural
disasters and destroyed the lives and property of millions of
Americans. .. putting us on the brink of danger as well. As
technology after technology that our grandparents put in place is
being banned, and new technologies never even come to market, we risk
a public-health disaster. Environmentalists have promoted all sorts of
doomsday scenarios about population explosions and massive cancer
crises from pesticides that have been shown to be false. But now,
because we have done away with so many useful products based on those
scares, we are in danger of an old-fashion doomsday returning, because
we've lost what protected us from the wrath of nature. Indeed, ...
public health hazards caused by environmental policies are already on
the scene."

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