Re: [asa] Cosmological Evolution?

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 20:18:35 EST

  On Thu, 28 Dec 2006 16:52:56 -0500 George Murphy wrote:

"..& what's preposterous about your environmental views is not just
bad science but bad theology." ~ George

@ For you.


At 04:53 PM 12/28/2006, Rich Blinne wrote:

"...The thinking is that Christian evironmentalism is biocentric.." ~ Rich B.

@ Whose thinking are you talking about? Certainly not mine. I
don't define Marcusian Marxist thought and practice as "Christian".

On the contrary, these are the principles that "do no harm" and when
put into practice, fulfill the biblical definition of "love":

"But for everything that exists that is good, or true, or beautiful,
there is a counterfeit version of it. ...These leftist strategies are
only effective because they are parasites on the real thing: liberty,
justice, the rule of law, compassion, etc. .."

An example of counterfeited love:

The Marcusian Marxist eco-activists and their dupes "do harm" to
their neighbors 24/7 claiming all the wile that they're doing it in
the name of love.

The environmental movement with its radical, shortsighted
eco-activists has actually helped amplify the dangers of natural
disasters and destroyed the lives and property of millions of
Americans. .. putting us on the brink of danger as well. As
technology after technology that our grandparents put in place is
being banned, and new technologies never even come to market, we risk
a public-health disaster. Environmentalists have promoted all sorts
of doomsday scenarios about population explosions and massive cancer
crises from pesticides that have been shown to be false. But now,
because we have done away with so many useful products based on those
scares, we are in danger of an old-fashion doomsday returning,
because we've lost what protected us from the wrath of nature.
Indeed, ... public health hazards caused by environmental policies
are already on the scene."

~ Janice ....

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