Re: [asa] Cosmological Evolution?

From: George L. <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 14:12:50 EST

<p>No, I didn't think you meant &quot;everyone.&quot;  I was simply pointing out that Teilhard himself can't be classified as a &quot;biocentrist&quot; in your sense.  If that's simply a restatement of what you said, fine.  I thought the point worth emphasizing because Teilhard often is criticized unjustly in conservative Christian circles, &amp; while there are quite legitimate criticisms of his views, it's a mistake to reject everything he said.  </p><p>At this point I'm not particularly interested in getting into extended debate about the environment with someone whose views about such matters I would still characterize as &quot;preposterous.&quot; </p><p>..............................</p>
George L. Murphy

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