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Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 11:01:10 EST

& apropos biocentrism, if you had read carefully what I wrote in my initial post on this yesterday, you would have seen that I made the same distinction between the views of Teilhard & of those who are influenced by him.

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    & of course one needs to know what Teilhard meant by "pantheist" & in particular whether when he spoke of his views in that way he meant the same thing the critic means. E.g., in his essay "Pantheism and Christianity" he rejects "heterodox forms of the pantheist impulse" such as "Spinozism, Hegelianism or theosophy." If we're to use terms in the way theologians use them today I think "panentheism" would be a more accurate characterization of Teilhard's views, whatever word he may have used. ~ George

  @ That is also the opinion of the book reviewer whose comments I posted to you yesterday:

  On 12/27/2006 @ 6:34 PM Janice Matchett wrote: [excerpted]

  Reviewer: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) was a Jesuit priest and a paleontologist ... Though Teilhard thought of himself in pantheistic terms, I believe he would be better described as a "Pan'en'theist". Panentheism according to Charles Hartshorne is the belief that God is greater than the sum of God's parts. For the Pantheist Nature is God. For the Panentheist Nature is a part of God. ...."

    In any case the term I originally objected to for him was "biocentrist" & that's certainly inaccurate. While Teilhard certainly saw humanity as part of nature, in union with it &c, he certainly thought that "hominization" was an advance on earlier forms of life. ~ George

  @ If you had carefully read what I wrote, you would have noticed that I was talking about the mentalities who embrace Biocentrism. Here again is what I wrote: on 12/27/06:

  Excerpt: ~ Janice ... who would bet the farm that those who buy into this Cosmogenesis theory are the same sorts of "Greenie" mentalities who embrace Biocentrism (the belief that all life, or even the whole universe living or otherwise taken as a whole, is equally valuable and humanity is not the center of existence. Hence, humanity is no more valuable than say, mice. )

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