Re: [asa] Cosmological Evolution?

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Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 21:59:02 EST

Gregory Arago questioned:

> Would it be inaccurate to say that theistic theories of cosmological
> evolution are likewise "shrouding in scientific words" their own particular
> interpretations of God's creation?

It depends. If you examine the world and see that evolution
is a process that appears to occur, and then try to reconcile
that with what is revealed in scripture, then you are accepting
it as a fact that you must grapple with in your theology.

If evolution becomes your "theology", then this charge could
possibly stick.

Maybe you can understand it this way; we know that gravity is a phenomena
of the universe. Gravity was one of the things that made the final physical
case for a heliocentric system, though observations had long before that
time strongly pointed that way. It certainly influenced our interpretation
scripture, since the sun is not whirling around us, but we around it.
However, if you now propose that god is gravity, I expect it would produce
a silly theology that would need to be shrouded in all sorts of scientific
technobabble sugarcoating to cover over a bland and tasteless idea.

Another point I sense from the writer who prompted you question:

Understandably, since Dawkins is polemical with his views and
particularly focuses on Christianity, the response from our
side carries some predictable emotion. The review alert sent
by ( is
written by an athiest/agnostic, and in that way, rather lucid on the
See also some of the links on the ASA web site. Not all atheists are as
minded as Dawkins is. Like us, they can also realize that they do not have a

monopoly on the truth.

We must live in this world, we must engage it. That means we must keep
searching for ways to get our theology to mesh with what we know to
be true about the world. As long as we strive in that direction, there is
nothing wrong with discussing evolution in a theological context. If that
is really the way God made the world, we must deal with it, and that is all.

by grace we proceed,

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