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<p>&gt; &gt; &gt; At 08:24 AM 12/27/2006, Gregory Arago wrote: &gt; Could someone at this ASA list &gt; please provide a definition or link to a definition of ‘cosmological &gt; evolution’? My curiosity connects with a comment I made earlier this &gt; year: “Frivolously applying ‘evolution,’ for example, to societies, runs &gt; the danger of reductionism, just as raising biological ideas to &gt; cosmological explanations suffers from idealistically inappropriate &gt; transferability.” It would seem that the way a theist speaks about &gt; ‘cosmological evolution’ would be dramatically different from the way a &gt; non-theist speaks about it. Or is this not so? Would it be inaccurate &gt; to say that theistic theories of cosmological evolution are likewise &gt; “shrouding in scientific words” their own particular interpretations of &gt; God’s creation? ~  Arago &gt; @  It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that in many cases, I'm &gt; sure.  You may have had more luck if you had us!
 ed search words like &gt; Cosmogenesis or Gaia philosophy or Gaia &quot;science&quot; &gt; :) &gt; For instance: &gt; Cosmogenesis -  Pierre Teilhard &gt; de Chardin  a Jesuit priest-theologian and a distinguished &gt; geologist-paleontologist &gt; &quot;..The main thrust of Teilhard's gnosis was a foundational &gt; understanding of the Universe, which was expressed in his theory of &gt; Cosmogenesis. According to Teilhard, the universe is no longer to be &gt; considered a static order, but rather a universe __in process__. And it &gt; is a continuing, upslope trajectory of evolution that Teilhard declares a &gt; cosmogenesis. The process of Teilhard's holistic cosmos is broken &gt; into the following categories: the Without and Within of things; the &gt; evolution of matter, life, consciousness; and the Omega Point. .. &gt; &gt; &quot;..As Teilhard said, &quot;the universe is no longer an Order but a &gt; Process. The Cosmos has become a Cosmogenesis.&quot; For Teilhard th!
 e &gt; long dreamed-of-higher life, that which has been considered as
holy, had &gt; hitherto been sought Above now directs itself toward the Ahead.  ... &gt; The Ahead is present in the cyclical process of the universe. &gt; ...  &gt; Teilhard especially considers that the deeply engrained notion of &gt; *original sin* &quot;translates, personifies...the perennial and &gt; universal law of imperfection which operates in mankind in virtue of &gt; its being in the process of becoming.&quot;  ...the &gt; creature... along with the in process. ...Teilhard notes &gt; that &quot;Evil, in all its forms...injustice, inequality, suffering, &gt; death...ceases theoretically to be outrageous from the moment when &gt; *Evolution becoming a Genesis*... displays itself as the...price of an &gt; *immense triumph.*&quot; ...For Teilhard, the tragic, real evil in &gt; this life occurs when humanity fails to acquire a sense of the true value &gt; of the universe. ... &gt; ..Using Teilhardian language: the &quot;process cannot achieve &gt; stability!
  until, over the entire globe, the human quantum has not merely &gt; closed the circle upon itself... but has become organically &gt; totalized.&quot; Only through collectivization (collective &gt; cooperation) can humanity achieve this total, planetary development of &gt; the noosphere. It cannot be built by people who think only of themselves; &gt; yet every person &quot;on earth shares, in (*hirself*), in the &gt; universal heightening of consciousness.&quot; And finally, using &gt; anthropomorphic terms, Teilhard believes that the noosphere is not only &gt; the &quot;stuff of the Universe...not only of *men,* but of the *Man* who &gt; is to be born tomorrow.&quot; And through the efforts of humanity &gt; building the noosphere, the earth &quot;finds its soul.&quot;   &gt; ..&quot; &gt; &gt; &gt; ~ Janice  ... who would bet the farm &gt; that those who buy into this Cosmogenesis theory are the same sorts of &gt; !
 &quot;Greenie&quot; mentalities who embrace Biocentrism (the belief th
at &gt; all life, or even the whole universe living or otherwise taken as a &gt; whole, is equally valuable and humanity is not the center of existence. &gt; Hence, humanity is no more valuable than say, mice. )   &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; </p><p>Of course it's impossible to know the thinking of everyone who buys into Teilhard's ideas - including many who haven't read him 1st hand!  But Teilhard himself can't be characterized as a &quot;biocentrist&quot; in the sense in which you're using the term.  </p>
George L. Murphy

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