Re: [asa] Critical review of Dawkins' Book by the "Liberal Media"

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 07:48:48 EST

It seems possible to agree with Moorad that "the notion of a designer is not as fundamental as that of a Creator." Following that, I'm curious if Jim thinks that 'cyclical things' could/should count as 'evolutionary'? Getting back to a thread of several months ago (see link below), I wonder what kind of "rationality will be required to make evolution go away." Perhaps in certain fields it needn't go away, while in others such a situation is long overdue?
  Can the argument be made that 'cyclical things' are not examples of evolution, i.e. things that don't evolve?
Jim Armstrong <> wrote:
  This strikes me as another of those anthropocentric perspectives. Cyclical things can happen at all kinds of scales with something so grand in extent as the universe. There can be beginnings and ends of eras (to just borrow a term for convenience) that are very long in duration from our perspective, and as such indistinguishable with respect to "steady state" (which would have to be conceded to be quite dynamic) or (long-term cyclic) behavior. There is nothing to prevent oscillatory behaviors of a zillion sorts within these very long duration states of galaxies, solar systems, geo(type) systems, biosystems, etc. Local temporal "perturbations" of all sorts (including cyclicities that are come and go) are free to occur.

Between human-scale Creation/End-of-the-World event bookends within a broadly steady-state universe, there's no reason that evolution would be precluded. Steady-state just does not describe the universe at all scales. So some other rationality will be required to make evolution go away.


Janice Matchett wrote:
  At 04:47 PM 12/26/2006, Alexanian, Moorad wrote:

  "...However, the notion of a designer is not as fundamental as that of a Creator. I have always said and will continue to emphasize that there is no way a human can do away with the notion of a Creator. Note that an eternal universe would not include the notion of evolution except by considering a cyclical universe. Otherwise, the universe must have a beginning and thus be created."
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