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AIG's blurb on death. The logical consequences of this is that either
one is a "brain in a vat" or that the Bible is simply incorrect or
that the Bible is correct and multitudes of people have been fooled
by "science."


Q: What does death have to do with history?

A: If a person believes the earth has a history of hundreds of
millions of years, then they have to accept that a history of
millions of years of death, disease, violence, and suffering led up
to man’s existence. The reason for this is that those who believe in
millions of years think that the fossil record (in which they see
those supposed millions of years) was laid down over this huge amount
of time—and the fossil record is a record of death, disease,
violence, and suffering.

But the Bible makes it clear that death is an intrusion—an enemy.
There was no death of animals or man before Adam sinned, as at the
end of the sixth day of creation, God pronounced everything “very
good.” What this means is that if a Christian accepts the history of
millions of years of death before man, they’re telling the world that
the Bible’s history is wrong!

In other words, the Bible’s history of death is incompatible with the
history of death given by those who accept “millions of years.” The
Bible is Truth—which means one can’t logically believe in millions of

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