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The God Delusion

One of the best-selling non-fiction books at present is Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. This is a no holds barred attack on all religion as he regards any belief in God as irrational, and contrary to any evidence. He can find fault with religion by focussing on the extremes and sees 9/11 as the logical outworking of religion. However, despite being a scientist and claiming to be guided by evidence, he seems incapable of portraying any religion with any accuracy. He bleats on with a mantra that "faith is contrary to reason" and simply ignores the many thinking people over the last 2000 years who have applied reason to their faith, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim. In his zeal to show that Christians are wrong and cannot be scientists he simply ignores the number of science professors who are Christian - and have done more scientific research than he. His book will sell as this is what many of the so-called educated want to hear and he does write extremely well.


The God Illusion

Against Dawkins we could mention the 75% or so of the British population who say they believe in God, but many have an illusory belief in God. So often this "god" is so attenuated that it is not a god at all, as it seems to be a god who is not the Creator, can't do miracles, doesn't listen to prayer. Of course, the advantage of this is that you need no commitment to believe in a god like this and hence you can behave just how you like and not bother with worship. (But, of course, the church building is nice for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals and is part of our heritage.)


The God Allusion

As we come into the so-called festive season of Christmas we will come across many allusions to God and to Jesus, where any religious meaning is studiously avoided; singing the banal "We wish you a happy Christmas" as if that is sufficient reference to the birth of Jesus; carols crooned and mangled in shops; Santa Claus and nothing else on stamps; reindeer and donkeys taking centre stage; platitudes that Christmas is for the children and a time for giving and receiving as if that were the meaning of Christmas.

Give me Winterval any day!!


The God Incarnate

Now we come to the one thing that does matter, whether at Christmas or every day of the year, and that is God Incarnate. God Incarnate is God made flesh or human in the person of Jesus Christ. And so Christmas is to celebrate the birth of God Incarnate and is meaningless without that. I will ignore fairy-story versions of the birth of Jesus, which emphasise the trivia, whether donkeys or anything else. The important thing about Christmas is simply God became a human being to save and redeem the whole of mankind. That is the message of the New Testament and of all Christmas Carols. Just consider the Christmas readings from the beginning of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and the words of any standard Christmas carol.


So as we come to Christmas let's make sure that we focus on the one important thing the birth of Jesus Christ, God Incarnate


I wish everyone a good Christmas and that all of us draw closer to Christ

Michael Roberts

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