[asa] Hodge on Darwinism: was Public questions for Denyse O'Leary

From: Gregory Arago <gregoryarago@yahoo.ca>
Date: Fri Dec 22 2006 - 20:40:19 EST

From a student of theology about a Professor of theology on 'Darwinism' (which of course is now neo-Darwinism or post-Darwinism in our current era).
  But why does the author just use 'intellligent design' in the title and first paragraph?? Did J. Wells do some respectable scholarship on Hodge?
  Wondering if Bill Hamilton previously read this ID-friendly article?
  g. arago
  p.s. please excuse this my 4th post of the day. Well, it is already tomorrow here, but I won't go over the limit

Bill Hamilton <williamehamiltonjr@yahoo.com> wrote:
  Charles Hodge, in "What is Darwinism" objected to Darwinism because of its insistence on no design. At one point in the book he said he diddn't object to a view of evolution that admitted the possibility of divine design. I don't know whether he said it specifically, but in Hodge's mind the distinction between Darwinism and evolution seems to be that Darwinism insists that design plays no part in the development of life.

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