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Amen and amen! I wonder what the IDC response will be? You didn't use
any incredulity or naive probability arguments. Maybe you don't realize
that evilution is a secular naturalistic Weltanschauung that true
Christians must oppose at all costs?


> A Christmas message I wrote for our local newspaper - limit of 300 words
> or
> so. Have I taken on Dawkins then?
> *****************
> The God Delusion
> Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion is a best-seller. This is an attack on
> religion as he regards belief in God as irrational, and contrary to
> evidence. However, despite being a scientist and claiming to be guided by
> evidence, he seems incapable of portraying religion with accuracy. He
> bleats
> on that "faith is contrary to reason" and simply ignores the many thinking
> Christians over the last 2000 years. In his zeal to show that Christians
> are
> wrong and he simply ignores the number of scientists who are better
> scientists than he, yet believe in Christ because of the evidence. His
> book
> will sell as this is what many of the so-called educated want to hear.
> About 75% in Britain say they believe in God, but many have an
> illusory belief in God. So often this "god" isn't a god at all, as it
> seems
> to be a god who is not the Creator, can't do miracles, doesn't listen to
> prayer. Of course, the advantage of this is that if you believe in a god
> like this and you can behave just how you like and ignore worship. (But
> churches are nice for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.)
> In this festive season we will come across many allusions to
> God
> and Jesus, where singing the banal "We wish you a happy Christmas" is
> sufficient reference to the birth of Jesus; along with platitudes that
> "Christmas is for the children". Give me Winterval any day!!
> Only one thing matters and that is God Incarnate, who is God
> becoming human in Jesus Christ. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of God
> Incarnate and is meaningless without that. I ignore fairy-story versions
> of
> his birth, with trivia like donkeys or fairies. Christmas is simply about
> God becoming a human being to save humanity. That's what the New Testament
> says and Christmas Carols (except the modern slush). So as we come to
> Christmas let's make sure that we focus on one thing - the birth of Jesus
> Christ, God Incarnate
> Michael Roberts
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