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From year to year, I frequently recall that folk from the ID group
would make their menacing battle cry: "we're gonna pound the
tar outa ya scum" (the purported "scum" here being the atheists
of course). It was drama worthy of World Wide Wrestling prologue.
Yet then,.... nothing would happen. Then the next year, the same
thing. And the next year......

There has always been this new, secret weapon that was going
to "get that scum", yet it always seems to be under development.
Maybe the developers are taking repose and they will be wheeling
in to the front lines in a few weeks. And I grant, development always
takes more time than we expect. Yet these announcements have
been coming for the last 10 years. What heavy weight wrestler
would take those kind of announcements seriously anymore?

Even when there is some rumble somewhere, guess who gets
the tar beat out of them? Even a _dumb_ crow gets wise pretty

And how does this drama play out when we have to fight this out
intellectually with atheists (who are also souls that Jesus wants
to reach)? They probably see ID as a gang of milquetoasts, and
anyone who talks even the slightest hint of "maybe there is
more than you think" is cast in with the same lot. Does this
increase our chances of reasoning with them about the importance
of salvation in Christ? Does it lead them to the impression that
a Christian is a sound, honest, sincere seeker of truth? Surely
many atheists share a common quest for truth. They just don't see
it in many Christians.

It is easy to shout opinions, but that is all they are. Science is not
a simple subject that can be learned in a two week crash course.
It takes a lifetime to understand what it really is. It takes that much
effort to sift through the fallacious assertions and reason them through
with our (currently lost) brothers.

I wonder how you, as a journalist, have contributed to making our task
any easier? Do you really think that announcing yet another purportedly
soon to come rumble (that never happens) will encourage greater dialog?
Does mouthing off idly speak well of our integrity as Christians? Moreover,
will any of this increase their willingness to hear any reasoned argument?

I know, science, at the level of what scientists do, is often pretty boring
for the average MTV generation. Unless there is a big blast in a lab,
it's just not the kind of stuff for journalists. Bad news sells, and drama
adds the entertainment. But for heaven's sake, realize that
unbridled testosterone highs can also do a lot to unsell the cause
of Christ.

by Grace we proceed,

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