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On 12/21/06, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> I don't have a whole lot of time here at the moment and I apologize for
> being so late replying. Busy time of year and I've been out of town a lot.
> I'll give it my best shot in my reply to your questions and comments here in
> the time I have. Hope this will suffice.
> At 02:21 PM 12/14/2006, Ted Davis wrote:
> @ This is my problem with the judge:May 22, 2006 - Judge Jones reveals his
> false beliefs (premise for his ruling) about the Anti-Establishment Clause
> in the Constitution:"The founders believed that true religion was not
> something handed down by a church or contained in a Bible, but was to be
> found through free, rational inquiry. They possessed a great confidence in
> an individual's ability to understand the world and its most fundamental
> laws through the exercise of his or her reason. This core set of beliefs led
> the founders, who constantly engaged and questioned things, to secure their
> idea of religious freedom by barring any alliance between church and state."
> ~U.S. District Judge John E. Jones in his May 2006 commencement address to
> 500 graduates at his alma mater, Dickinson College.

Jones's comments came from "The Founding Fathers and the Place of
Religion in America" by scholar Frank Lambert


This excellent book's findings are mirrored in Waldman's "The Framers
and the Faithful: How modern evangelicals are ignoring their own

And a review in the Journal of Religion and Society:

Seems that history, like the science of global warming, is giving some
Christians some problems.

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