Re: [asa] RE: Public questions for Denyse O'Leary

From: PvM <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 22:14:11 EST

Denyse shows why ID is both scientifically vacuous and theologically
risky. If the problem is that Dawkins' et al are successful in their
arguments in favor of atheism, and the success is perceived to be
based on Darwinism, then the answer is not to show that Darwinism is
wrong but to show how Darwinism can be reconciled with Christian

Instead, ID seems to insist that since atheists (ab)use the science of
Darwinism that therefor Darwinism should be attacked, rather than
atheists who make this argument.
Of course, Darwinism is compatible with faith as long as both science
and faith keep to their proper realms.

The recent 'successes' of atheists seems largely explained by
evangelical extremists squandering good will by pandering to poorly
chosen issues. For instance, ID's insistence that Design can be
reliably detected has led to much confusion, failed lawsuits and
disappointed Christians who wonder what happened to the grandiose
claims of ID, claims which on closer scrutiny where found to be
scientifically vacuous.

It's poor science such as found in Denyse's writings which cause much
harm to science as well as religious faith.

On 12/21/06, Denyse O'Leary <> wrote:
> ASA is a "Forum for conversation."
> Ah yes. I see.
> My beef? Who can have a beef with a Forum for conversation?
> Now that that is all perfectly clear, I suppose there is little further
> need for me to wonder why ASA does nothing when atheists, promoting
> atheism as a logical outcome of Darwinism, make a direct play for teens.
> You don't need a battery of PR people, actually. Do you think that
> Dembski has a battery of PR people?
> But Ted, let's just let this be. To the extent that ASA is merely a
> Forum for conversation, of course it would not do anything.
> I can't imagine what led me to believe that ASA would do anything.
> By the way, just to clarify: I was not suggesting ASA should be the
> Discovery Institute (DI). The DI promotes ID.
> They're probably happy enough with this turn of events, as it shows how
> useless the current system is, from the perspective of most non-atheists
> and non-materialists. If I were advising them (I'm not), I would advise
> them to use this example and make the most of it.
> Atheists can get at the teens who learn their Darwinism from the school
> system and you others can ... well, ... converse!
> This is my last post on the subject. I am sure that you have better
> things to do, and the list is probably weary of it.
> Cheers, Denyse
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