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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 21:50:32 EST

Denyse -

If this you bothered to look at the ASA website (a minimal requirement for
anyone making the type of criticism you do) you would have seen - just for
(a) a statement about the type of organization ASA is (which is broader than
Ted's brief "Forum for converstion"). One of the things there is
"education," which includes just the sort of activity with teens that you
claim (with your characteristic sneer) that the ASA isn't involved with.
(b) The 2d item under "Learn More" (left side of the page) is "Apologetics,"
which includes the type of thing in which you imagine ASA isn't involved.
(c) Currently, there is information under "Bookstore" about Owen Gingerich's
book which is opposed to the anti-Christian claims that you're concerned
about & imagine the ASA does nothing about.

You can also find more that puts the lie to your claims but I won't belabor
the point. This is enough to make it clear that you either haven't taken
the trouble to find out anything about ASA or that you have and just leave
out things that don't fit your message. In either case your behavior is
unprofessional and unchristian.

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> ASA is a "Forum for conversation."
> Ah yes. I see.
> My beef? Who can have a beef with a Forum for conversation?
> Now that that is all perfectly clear, I suppose there is little further
> need for me to wonder why ASA does nothing when atheists, promoting
> atheism as a logical outcome of Darwinism, make a direct play for teens.
> You don't need a battery of PR people, actually. Do you think that
> Dembski has a battery of PR people?
> But Ted, let's just let this be. To the extent that ASA is merely a
> Forum for conversation, of course it would not do anything.
> I can't imagine what led me to believe that ASA would do anything.
> By the way, just to clarify: I was not suggesting ASA should be the
> Discovery Institute (DI). The DI promotes ID.
> They're probably happy enough with this turn of events, as it shows how
> useless the current system is, from the perspective of most non-atheists
> and non-materialists. If I were advising them (I'm not), I would advise
> them to use this example and make the most of it.
> Atheists can get at the teens who learn their Darwinism from the school
> system and you others can ... well, ... converse!
> This is my last post on the subject. I am sure that you have better
> things to do, and the list is probably weary of it.
> Cheers, Denyse
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