Re: [asa] Denyse O'Leary and Darwinism

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 15:55:10 EST

David Opderbeck wrote:

> What I really want to know, though, is who the ASA "boffins" are.
> Boffin
> <>
> doesn't seem to be the right word here. I think patsy
> <> or shill
> <> is closer to the intended
> meaning, though maybe puffin
> <> was intended, in which
> case some obscure point about common descent was being made that flew
> over my head..

I used to be a boffin -- I worked on underwater sound propagation while
holding a commission in the Royal New Zealand Navy. It seems as though
Denise's knowledge of terminology related to science is as bad as as
her other knowledge of science.

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