[asa] Denyse O'Leary and Darwinism

From: PvM <pvm.pandas@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 12:24:38 EST

Denyse O'Leary, has written a poorly reasoned posting on UcD. While it
is mostly based on her flawed understanding of Darwinism, it does have
something of interest to ASA


-------Begin Quote---------
Why Christianity? Why not Islam? Well, for one thing, Muslims tend to
actually respond to this kind of thing. Christians don't. There is an
organization of Christians in science in the United States called
American Scientific Affiliation, with about 2000 members, but they
seem dedicated to ignoring these obvious affronts, and claiming to an
increasingly restless public that there is no conflict between
Darwinism and the traditional religions. Indeed, they have so far
managed to ignore the fact that increasingly strident Darwinists claim
that there is indeed such a conflict.

I suspect that the key boffins at ASA would be inclined to blame those
who openly question Darwinism for "causing" the atheist outbursts. In
much the same way, under Marxist regimes, the churches that went along
with Marxism used to blame traditional Christians who refused to do
so, for bringing upon themselves the persecution they suffered at the
hands of Marxists.

Right now, the ASA is making much of genome mapper Francis Collins,
whom I regard as an intellectual lightweight. I tried to say that in
as nice a way as possible in my recent review of his book because he
sounds like a really nice guy. If nice is all you need, he's your man.

-------End Quote-------

Let's just correct Denyse's obvious misconception that there is a
conflict between Darwinism and traditional religions.
Denyse, science and religion are traditionally not in conflict with
eachother, unless one goes beyond the concept of science.
Until Denyse familiarize herself with Darwinism, I can see why she may
perceive that there is a conflict between science and her faith. An
intellectual lightweight indeed.... Blame others but fail to take
responsibility for her own ignorance about Darwinism.

Sadly, intelligent design seems to be getting more and more extreme
now that its foundations are crumbling. This is not good for science
and quite detrimental to religious faith.

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