Re: [asa] Cobb County settles lawsuit

From: James Mahaffy <>
Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 09:50:23 EST

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>>> PvM <> 12/20/06 1:01 AM >>>
It's Kitzmaz all over again :-)

> It's not a very good year for ID proponents.

About the only statement I can agree with.

> First Kitzmiller and the incessant whining about how
> irrelevant the ruling really was, and then
> the elections and now Cobb County settling the lawsuit.
> One may wonder how (ir)relevant the ruling really was.

I don't care what you wonder. I do care about the broader issue of
whether or not public education should claim that it is
neutral and the beliefs of the teachers and the community CAN NOT be
part of the education. I would content to make the strong separation
and put some academic areas in the neutral camp is to teach a

Now that is an issue I would like see us discuss on its merits.

> The noise from ID suggests that they realize it is far more relevant
> than they want to openly admit.

This is a non sequitor if I ever saw one.

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